About US

Anhui Haotian New Materials Co., Ltd are professional manufacturer and focus on high temperature and fire resistant materials for several years .We not only produce high temperature and fire resisting equipments but also providing professional solutions . Through several years hard work ,we can achieve high-temperature area of the equipment: fire-sleeves ,cables ,blanket and other components to meet the different needs from customers .
Our main products and technology are exported to Southeast Asia, U.S.A, Middle East ,South Africa and Europe .Our products are widely used in steel, automobile, shipbuilding, rail, aerospace, metallurgy, machinery, petrochemical, chemical , military, defense, scientific research and other industries high-temperature region. We are involved with many fields including the heating zone cables, fluid lines, rolling mill cable, tubing, cutting around the edges cables, generators, electrical voltage equipment, large-scale construction, hydraulic systems, automotive wiring harness and exhaust pipes and other industries.
We value opportunity of cooperation with every customer and provide more effective service sincerely .